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Apostilles Made Easy: Your Key To Simplified International Transactions

California Apostle with partial stamp
CA Apostille

You've been told your document needs an Apostille and you have no idea what that is or where to start. With over 20 years of experience processing Apostilles for a plethora of countries, Notary Long Beach-Mobile Notary & Apostille can help. We've made the process easy!

Simply put, an Apostille is a certificate that authenticates the signature of a public official. This certificate is recognized and accepted in 122 countries that are part of the Hague Apostille Convention. Each country may have different requirements for documents and the process can be anything but straightforward. You can learn more about which countries are party to the Convention here. By leveraging our expertise and knowledge, you can save time and unnecessary stress.

Some documents that require an Apostille or Authentication are:

  • Birth Certificates: Used in countries around the globe, especially for citizenship or immigration purposes.

  • Marriage Certificates: Used for validating marital status and rights in another country.

  • Educational Documents: Used for diplomas, degrees and transcripts for academic or professional recognition abroad.

  • Power of Attorney: Used for authorizing someone to act on your behalf in another country.

  • Adoption Paperwork: Used for confirming the legality of an adoption in international jurisdictions.

  • Notarized Affidavits: Used for legal proceedings outside of your home country.

  • Corporate Documents: Used for international business transactions and can include Articles of Incorporation, Statements of Information, Certificates of Good Standing and business contracts.

  • Medical Records: Used for medical treatment or insurance coverage in foreign countries.

  • Court Documents: Used for international enforcement of judgments, orders and legal agreements.

  • Criminal Records: Used for certifying the lack of a criminal record for a variety of purposes abroad.

Whether you are purchasing property in Italy or Costa Rica, conducting business in Brazil, teaching in Japan or getting married in Mexico, we can help. Some documents we commonly Apostille are birth certificates, patents, marriage certificates, statements of information, articles of incorporation, contracts and international adoption paperwork.

For expedited Apostille processing, including same day or next day service, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us now. Make Notary Long Beach-Mobile Notary & Apostille your first choice for all of your Apostille needs.


Kimberly D. McKendell, the owner of Notary Long Beach-Mobile Notary & Apostille, is a mobile notary public based in Long Beach who has completed thousands of notarizations since 2001. Call her for all of your notary needs. She specializes in apostilles and authentications, real estate documents, living trusts, medical records, estate planning documents, title transfers, patent forms, international adoptions, pre- and post-nuptial agreements, and power of attorney documents.

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